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Weather it be Weight loss, Muscle gain, Strength and Performance, Functional Mobility I am here to help

Available for all ages and all fitness levels operating out of Anytime Fitness Narrabeen and offering Outdoor Training to the Northern Beaches of Sydney




“I joined the gym around 8 months ago and soon realised I didn’t really have clue how to achieve the goals I wished for. I knew I needed some help and advice but wasn’t really sure where to go. That’s when I realised Alex was a personal trainer at the gym and after seeing him for a split second I knew he knew what he was doing. Alex was very friendly and approachable and we soon started planning my journey to achieving my goals. Alex gave me access to his APP where he personalised daily workouts that I could do on days we weren’t training. Not only was this a fantastic help but he also gave me a full meal prep plan, day by day. After following Alex’s programme strictly I could start seeing results within only 1-2 weeks. His knowledge and training gave me so much more confidence training by myself as I knew I was training the correct way. Throughout the program, Alex would keep in contact and ensure I was doing ok and more importantly keeping me focused and motivated. I will say, be prepared to work hard, as he won’t let you get away without giving 100% and will push you to new levels but with Alex’s personality and energy it’s a whole lot of fun.”

Jason Vinnicomb

“My friend Sarah and I have been training with Alex for over six months now. Not only do we have fun along the way, but we have both gained muscle and toned up. Alex’s training style has helped us realise we can lift. He encourages us to work on our strength training and has shown us both how lifting is more effective for weight loss and sculpting your body then any amount of cardio ever would be. He is dedicated to reaching out goals with us and pushing us to perform at our best.”

Jenna Richardson & Sarah Clark

“USE IT OR LOSE IT!!!! That’s what you realise with personal training! Thank you Ritchie for your awesome professional sessions and attention to detail . Every session is personalised and never the same! I feel rejuvenated, energised and strong, mentally as well as physically!! Also your stretches after the session prevent any potential of stiffness or pain. In fact the sessions have addressed my chronic neck pain, Amazing! Cheers, Marianne.”

Marianne Plahn

“For me, training with Alex was a step in the right direction. Not only did he help me achieve visible results within a few weeks, he also helped me build up my confidence when training by myself. Thanks for all the help Alex”

Pierce Whiteley

“I woke up one day and decided that I wanted to improve myself physically so that I can feel good about myself. I had the pleasure working with Alex for a Month before leaving Sydney. In that month i’d gone from struggling with a 30kg deadlift to 70kg deadlift which is my body weight and by far my favourite achievement! I didn’t realise how much fitter I got in just a month. I play netball with some friends on a Thursday and I used to struggle playing 15 minutes in GD and used to say GK for life but now i can play full games in GD.”

Stephanie Pearse